A Winning Record

Case Summary- Dad comes home from business trip to an empty home and family gone.

Result- Father wins primary custody of children and reimbursed full value of all personal assets loss prior to equitable divorce settlement.

"I thought it was all over for me, I had lost everything. Roxanne and her office stood by me and gave me hope in what appeared originally as an impossible situation."

Case Summary- Domestic Violence Felony Assault case- Defendant had no prior criminal record. Boyfriend was accused of Battery.

Results-Investigative and research services utilized effectively, evidence discovered case dismissed at Preliminary hearing. Alternative Sentence offered and Case was expunged from record.

"I felt like the system believed I was guilty based upon an allegation. I did not believe anyone could help me especially since I am not a US citizen. Roxanne and her office help me get through it all. They facilitated payment for the bail bondsman and negotiated with my employers to maintain my position on my job. "

Case Summary- Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon- Wife accuses defendant of spitting on her and threatening her with a knife.

Results- Key evidence discovered regarding "blackmail" to gain control of residence.- Not Guilty