Criminal Law
When the circumstances appear too much to manage Our office is here to assist you. Let me offer our services:

• Experienced Trial Attorneys
• Research Teams
• Private Investigators
• Access to Exclusive Databases
• Key relationships with Qualified Experts.

Family Law
Our mission is to assist families during some of the most difficult times through zealous representation for the purpose of achieving the most positive outcome. Professional service offerings include:

• Experience Negotiators
• Certified Mediators
• Private Investigators
• Access to Exclusive Databases
• Key relationships with licensed professional Family Evaluators
• Referals to Accredited Support Programs
• Aggressive Litigation Team

Estate Planning
Our firm has had tremendous success in assisting clients with estate planning and asset protection. This includes educating clients on various trust options and in deciding which form of title best protects them and their family. This lawyer is licensed to practice law in CA

Father’s Rights Advocacy
Our office is proud of its father’s rights advocacy work. Our office understands the number one objective when resolving family law custody disputes is " The Best Interest of the child/children". We believe that assisting a dedicated father with maintaining a positive, strong relationship with his child/children after he and the mother has separated is in the "Best interest of the child". We give our fathers a voice that clearly articulates their desire to share custody of their children.

Other Services
Probate, Child and Parent Advocates, Civil Litigation, Business Law and Negotiations, DUI Litigation