Roxanne Mosley,
Passionate and Aggressive Representation


Roxanne M. Mosley:
UC Davis-undergrad
University of Pacific Mc George School of Law

Roxanne Mosley is a member of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of California and the Wiley Manuel Bar Association. She has been admitted to practice law in the United States Federal Courts as well as the US Bankruptcy Court.

Roxanne has experienced great success in family law including but not limited to: dissolutions and legal separations, custody issues including modifications of standing custody orders, special military family issues, prenuptial agreements and dependency issues- including child advocacy and parental rights. Throughout her practice she has represented husbands, wives, children and grandparents.

With regards to Criminal Law matters Ms. Mosley has worked in the Sacramento Public Defenders office for 2 years and has represented several Juvenile and Adult defendants as their Criminal Defense attorney. She is an experienced Trial Attorney who is not intimidated by the current judicial system tactics.

Roxanne Mosley’s strongest attributes as an attorney include negotiation skills, litigation and client management.

Interview with Case Post Representative-
The following is taken from a recent conversation with attorney Mosley, the managing partner of the firm.

CasePost: Roxanne, when did you know that you were destined to become an attorney?
Roxanne Mosley-Barnes: Well, actually I’ve known that I wanted to do this work since I was 11 years old, and in the 6th grade. I remember consciously making that decision back then. When I was a little girl I loved to watch Perry Mason reruns. My dad says that I was always a negotiator, always willing to argue a point that I felt strongly about. He saw this in me from the very beginning.

CP: You seem to truly love your work. You’re passionate about certain causes and you clearly care about the people you work with. What do you like about this work?

RM: I like the analysis involved. I love being able to make a difference. Because of this, I take cases that I believe in, I don’t choose cases primarily for the money, I take them because I believe in them and see that I can make a difference. I love to take a matter and see it through to completion, to get a positive ruling by a judge or a decision by a jury. The best reward is having a client tell me, after a decision, "I couldn’t have gotten here without your help. You really got me (or us) through it.